Epoxy Resin Cast Potential (Voltage) Transformer

epoxy resin cast potential transformer

Epoxy Resin Cast Potential (Voltage) Transformers are dry type transformers and may be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Their key function is to step down voltage in an electrical system. These class of transformers are manufactured using high quality epoxy resin which is a strong synthetic polymer developed from epoxide chemicals. The scientifically proven insulation properties of epoxy make it an excellent material for manufacturing dry type resin cast potential transformers.

Both the Potential Transformer & Voltage Transformer are the same. The only difference is their names. The technical meaning of the words - Potential or Voltage – refer to the same thing.

Macroplast manufactures epoxy resin cast voltage transformers up to 33 KV system voltage. Our resin cast PTs are are fitted on metering panels or cubicles and in most circumstances used indoors. They may be used for Outdoor applications if they are enclosed either in a sealed metal tank or cubicle. The energy meter or measuring instrument is also placed within the same contraption. Epoxy resin cast voltage transformers can also be used outdoors provided they are enclosed in a hermetically sealed metal tank.