Low Voltage Metering Cubicles

low voltage metering cubicle

Low Voltage Metering Cubicles or Panels are indoor versions of the combined Current Transformer and Voltage Transformer (CT-PT) units. These metering cubicles or metering panels as they are popularly called are dry type units and are ideally used for indoor installations although they may be used outdoors subject to certain conditions. Low voltage metering cubicles are gaining immense popularity in certain geographies due to their certain benefits.

Low voltage metering cubicles consist of a combined structure which is manufactured using high grade steel which could either be hot-rolled mild steel or cold rolled mild steel depending on client requirements. The surface of the cubicle can either be painted or powder coated depending on client specifications. Surface painting can be of various types and are dependent again on client instructions and requirements.

The unit is divided into separate compartments to house the transformers and energy meter inside. It is fitted with dry type epoxy resin cast current transformers and voltage transformers and as such are dry type units. Low Voltage Metering Cubicles can be used for both 3 phase 3 wire metering system or for 3 phase 4 wire metering system. In most circumstances they are used for electrical systems of very low voltage like 440 V.

The advantages of using this product are

• Separate compartments for housing the energy meter
• Indoor installation
• Prevents power theft
• Dry type resin cast CT and PTs are used
• Compact unit – easy to handle
• Less in weight and volume as compared to 5/6 single phase units
• Economical. CT-PT Metering Cubicles are cheaper than 5/6 single phase units