Outdoor Oil Immersed Live Tank Current Transformer

outdoor oil immersed live tank current transformer

Outdoor Oil Immersed Live Tank Current Transformer is a type of electrical current transformer in which the core of the transformer along with its secondary windings is placed in the top tank. They are also known an outdoor oil filled current transformers.

Live Tank Current Transformers are different from Dead Tank Current Transformers in their design and tank fabrication. At a macro level, the basic functionality of both remain the same, which is to step down high voltage current to low voltage current for measurement by energy meters or other such instruments.

In an outdoor oil immersed live tank current transformer, the core and secondary windings are insulated from high voltage with insulating material and placed in the top tank. In Live Tank CTs, the primary conductor is shorter in length which makes it stronger to withstand high short circuit currents. Also, the primary winding in Live Tank Current transformers is homogeneously distributed around the core to create a current transformer which has low reactance and excellent transient performance.

Live Tank Current transformers are smaller and compact in size compared to Dead Tank Current Transformers. They are also more economical to be produced and are hence cheaper than Dead Tank CTs.

Macroplast manufactures oil filled live tank Current transformers upto 132 KV system voltage. The Live tanks CTs manufactured by us have cores, primary and secondary windings arranged in the top tank of the transformer body. The primary windings are then connected to the primary terminals which are also arranged in the top tank. The secondary windings are taken through the HT insulator to the bottom mounting base. The mounting base has arrangement for secondary terminals inside the secondary terminal box.