Epoxy Resin Cast Current Transformers

Epoxy Resin Cast Current Transformers

Epoxy Resin Cast Current Transformer is a dry type transformer in which the internal windings and coils of the transformer are coated with epoxy resin for Insulation purpose. It is widely used in instrument transformers where the primary function is to step down high currents and voltage. In an epoxy resin cast current transformer, the windings consist of high quality electrolytic grade copper which are wound around the core and insulated using a layer of fiberglass mat or quartz powder before being cast with an epoxy resin in an automated vacuum casting machine to provide the necessary insulation.

Epoxy is a strong synthetic thermosetting polymer which is made from various epoxide materials. Epoxy is widely used in various industries like adhesive industry, synthetic paints, casting industry amongst others. In the electrical industry, it is primarily used for the process of insulation. Its chemical composition offers excellent insulation properties and is therefore widely used in the transformer industry for making dry type resin cast transformers.

The function of resin cast current transformers are similar to oil filled current transformers. The reasons why some businesses prefer to use it is because they are better in handling moisture, there is no leakage and pilferage of oil, and they are far more compact in size compared to oil filled transformers

Macroplast manufactures Indoor, Dry Type, Epoxy Resin Cast Current Transformers up to 33 KV system voltage. These are manufactured using high grade epoxy resin polymers and other necessary raw materials. Our resin cast current transformers can be used for both indoor and outdoor usage. For indoor usage, they are placed inside panels or cubicles which are known as indoor metering cubicles. For outdoor usage, they are enclosed in a hermetically sealed metal tank or they may be installed in High Voltage Metering Cubicles. We have 35 years of experience in manufacturing high quality resin cast CTs.

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