Low Voltage Current Transformers

Low Voltage Current Transformers

Low Voltage Current transformers may be either Tape Wound or Epoxy Resin Cast. They may be either Ring Type or Wound Primary Type. For lower ratio, high accuracy CTs, Wound Primary Construction is preferred. For higher ratio CTs, Ring Type Construction is preferred from the economical point of view. Ring Type CTs are most economical if the primary current is 200 A or more. For primary currents lower than 200 A, Wound primary CTs are most economical. Low Voltage (LV) or Low Tension (LT) Current Transformers are one and the same thing. These type of transformers are usually insulated with Epoxy Resin or Cotton Tape and are primarily used in electrical systems for metering and protection. The standard secondary output from such transformers are 1 Ampere or 5 Amperes.

Tape wound current transformers are widely used in switch gears, distribution systems, electrical generators, indoor or outdoor control panels and control instruments.

Macroplast manufactures Low Voltage Current Transformers of 1, 0.5, 0.2, 0.2s accuracy class. Our LT-CTs are constructed with only a single secondary winding. We possess the expertise to manufacture these either in tape wound or resin cast type depending on client specifications and requirements.

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